Mario Maroni

MSc MCSP HCP registered

Prior to training as a physiotherapist Mario qualified in sport and movement science in Italy and he worked as a gym trainer.

He qualified as a physiotherapist in 2013 and invested his initial year working as an inpatient physiotherapist treating traumatic and neurological conditions.

He equally qualified in holistic therapies in Italy (6 years courses).

He moved to London in 2015 where he worked for many private clinics as a musculoskeletal practitioner. With the genuine passion for treating the root cause of conditions, his manual skills allow him to detect when the spine is in a condition of "sensitization" from previous injury and reduces the pain improving the posture in the most effective way to prevent recurrences.

He also believes that the body need to be checked not merely in the sore area but in a more extensive way to instantly comprehend if any secondary condition play a role in the patient complaint.

Once the specific condition is remedied, his patients register their specific goals in most cases.